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Application process

Application process

Make sure you continue to stay one step ahead by familiarising yourself with our application process.

How we work

We want to ensure that our applicants know exactly where they stand throughout our recruitment process. We are committed to work in partnership and have published our process to ensure that you are guided through every step.

Below you will find our process outlined step-by-step. If you ever have any queries then make sure you get in touch with our recruiters.

  • Application

    If you have found a roll that you are interested in then please make sure you apply via our recruitment website. When submitting your application please ensure that you attached an up-to-date CV and complete all the questions as fully as possible. Anything that isn’t completed may delay your recruitment time.

  • Phone call

    Within 48 hours of receiving your application our Recruitment Advisor will be in contact via email to arrange a phone call to discuss your application. Please be on the look out for an email from

    If you are still suitable for the role then your CV will be passed on to our Recruiting Manager on the same day.

  • CV Review

    We aim to have all CVs reviewed within five working days and our Recruitment Advisor will be in contact to pass on any feedback.

  • Interview

    If your CV shows promise then we will work with you and the Recruiting Manager to organise an interview. Your interview will take place within 5 working days. Please note that some roles may require you to attend a second interview.

  • Feedback and offer

    Our aim is to have fed back your results after interview within 48 hours. However please allow up to five working days as we cannot make an offer until all the candidates have been interviewed.

  • Paperwork

    Once you have verbally accepted our offer we will then make sure we send out all the relevant paperwork out to you within 24 hours.

  • Start date

    When we have been informed of your availability we will work with you to arrange a start date. Due to the industry we work in, we have a number of security processes that will need to be completed before you join us.

  • First day

    On your first day please make sure you arrive at 8:45am. You must bring all paperwork which has not been sent back with you along with your passport. If you have not brought your passport with you on your first day then we will have to rearrange a new start date.

    Your first day will start with a morning of inductions before you will be able to meet with your new manager and team.

Disclaimer, please note that the timeframes mentioned above are for illustrative purposes only. Whilst the majority of applications are seen to within the timeframes, some may be extended due to a number of circumstances. If you are ever concerned about where your application sits in the process please email making sure to reference the role you have applied for in the subject header.