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Development Promise

Development Promise

Our promise to our employees

Our development promise outlines our commitment to investing in our people. It includes:

'Taking charge of career' tool kits

We have developed a toolkit for our people to use to help them think about where they are currently and assist in understanding what choices are available. It also guides them on how to move their career planning to the next stage.

'What good looks like'

What Good Looks Like is our corporate framework for behaviours and is designed to help our employees continually review and develop their approach. 

Personal development plan

Our personal development plans help set stretching individual self-development targets and with regular reviews to ensure plans are constantly being kept up-to-date. This helps people at TRL make sure they continue to strive to inspire excellence through achieving it themselves.


We offer a range of training programmes around both technical and softer skills, allowing people to grow however their job requires them too. A number of our courses are able to be delivered alongside everyday jobs meaning that less time is spent catching up after attending the training.

Continuous professional development

Continuous professional development is a recognised, systematic way of tracking professional development on an ongoing basis. It helps document and reflect on any learning or training that is undertaken either formally or informally.  


We encourage some of the team at TRL to undertake a psychometric profile. These can be used to “build a picture” of an individual, such as identifying values, preferences and/or personality type. Behavioural preferences are the building blocks for all other aspects of personality. Organised into areas relating to people, thinking, feeling and drive, they give a rich, thorough and illuminating insight into a person. Extremely useful in learning and development applications, they are ideal for enhancing and structuring a development plan.

Future leaders' programmes

Our future leaders’ programme is designed to inspire excellence at every level of the business. The aim is to help those selected for the programme to achieve the exceptional and be our business leaders of tomorrow.