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A programme to help you at the start of your career journey

Cerebrum launched in 2016 as a framework to support our apprentices, industrial placement, sponsored students and graduates. Today it now supports over 50 people at the start of their career, helping them develop their personal skills.

Cerebrum offers three promises for those who take part in the scheme

  1. To fast track the start of their career
  2. To develop their skills from day one to help them become the future leaders and technical leaders of the business
  3. To ensure that everyone is given the same opportunities to succeed

We do this through:


Bi-weekly tutorials

Our bi-weekly tutorials allows our people to expand the breadth and depth of their knowledge with in house experts coming to share their experiences with them. These tutorials range from HR to Finance to Hardware to Firmware.

Peer learning

Once a month the group comes together to have a shared learning experience. A small selection will pick, research and present a topic that is both of interest to the group and the company and then discuss. Our apprentices benefit from these in particular as it helps teach them how to actively learn.

Training & development days

Three times a year the group will take a day out of their normal jobs to do some specialised training. This training varies each time however it often involves elements of team building and is something that is enjoyed by everyone attending.


To ensure that each person is progressing and receiving the right amount of support every member receives a one-to-one with the Cerebrum Lead every couple of months. In these sessions people report on target progress, development over the past couple of months and any career aspirations.

Positions of responsibility

For those who want to take on additional responsibility we offer them to opportunity of becoming a Rep. These positions ask them to look after a certain area of Cerebrum and encourage them to develop relationships with both those in and out of the group. The positions are:

  • Cerebrum Lead Facilitator
    • This position works closely with the Cerebrum Lead to maintain the smooth running of the group
  • Business Rep
    • This position organises the tutorials and is in charge of promoting Cerebrum to the wider business
  • Employee Forum Rep
    • This position calls for people to sit on the Employee Forum and promote a two way conversation across the business, voicing any concerns the group may have and feeding back all answers.
  • Social Rep
    • This position organises the groups social activities outside of work. Previously this has included ice skating, trampolining, escaping rooms, pub quizzes and go karting.

The group also works closely with our work experience and summer placement students.