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Work-life balance

Work-life balance

To ensure that our employees have every chance to achieve the exceptional and inspire excellence in everything they do it is important that everyone practises a healthy life work balance

Healthy life work balance

To help you achieve the exceptional and inspire excellence in everything you we think it’s important to have a healthy life work balance. 

Our condensed working week, flexible working policy and family friendly policy ensure that you have time to attend the important events in your life outside of work. You can vary your start time between 7 and 9:30am, adjusting your finish time as appropriate in consultation with your line manager, allowing you to manage work around other commitments. 

We openly encourage people to finish work at the appropriate times, especially Fridays when we work half a day and suggest that, if you have work devices such as phones and laptops, they are switched off when not in the office.  


We offer discounts at local gyms and an online employee assistance scheme to help ensure that your physical and mental health is looked after. This is supported by an appointment with an occupational health nurse during your first couple of months and further access as and when you need it. We also run our parent company’s wellbeing scheme, L365, which encourages a more active and healthy lifestyle by competing against colleagues in L3Harris companies across the world to get the most amount of activities ticked off each week during a series of 8 week stints.